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…prepared and professional

Patriot Environmental Services strives to be the premier provider of comprehensive environmental services in the southwestern United States. To accomplish Patriots’ mission we employ talented, reliable individuals with extensive and broad-ranged experiences, and provide them with the tools and technology necessary to meet client needs. Patriot will ensure that the services and technique provided will be efficient and effective in any situation, on land or on the water. Every client will receive the highest-level of attention to his or her individual needs. Patriot’s clients know that the company is prepared, available, and reliable…no matter when or where we are called upon.

Emergency Response

Patriot is raising the bar on response services for both land and water based spills. The management team at Patriot has responded to thousands of spills. The team is well versed in the “Incident Command System” approach to spill response. Our personnel are highly skilled and experienced in all phases of crisis management…Learn More

Industrial Services

Patriot is positioned to provide spill response and remediation services, as well as assist clients in meeting their day-to-day industrial cleaning needs. Our professional staff is experienced in many areas of industrial cleaning services; virgin products, solvents, chemicals, and oils…Learn More

Waste Management

Patriot provides a full range of waste handling services. We work diligently to ensure our customer’s waste is handled in accordance with all Local, State and Federal Laws. From initial assessment lab analysis and characterization, through packaging, labeling and transportation for disposal…Learn More

Patriot In Action

Today, private and public sector clients turn to Patriot for our proven ability to implement emergency response operations responsible cleanup programs and environmental management strategies. Here are some visuals of Patriot in action.